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About the organization

Denomination :

It was created on Canadian territory in Montreal on January 21, 2017, a non-profit organization (NPO) called: FEDEV.

  • Name: FEDEV (Training, Education, Development)

  • Vision: To see every human being become a worthy and fulfilled person.

  • Motto: Educate- Act- Develop

Headquarters :

FEDEV has its head office in Montreal in the province of Quebec in Canada or in any other place in Canada determined by the board of directors of the organization.

The organization can operate across Canada. It may also exercise its activities and powers abroad, within the limits of the law applicable in the case.

The main address of the organization is: 1882, rue Edgar Prairie, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H1A 5C5 .

Mission :

FEDEV's mission is to promote the sustainable, integral development and growth of human beings and their dignity in Canada and in other countries of the world.

Objectives :

FEDEV is a non-profit organization setting the following general objectives:

  • Promote education at different levels: primary, secondary, vocational and university.

  • Set up economic support projects to fight poverty

  • To promote exchanges and cooperation, friendship between Canadian schoolchildren / students and those of other countries.

  • Facilitate the social integration of young people, women and vulnerable groups through education and / or instruction

  • Set up support programs for small and medium-sized enterprises (promote entrepreneurship).

  • Promote the protection of the environment and the management of natural resources through environmental education, reforestation and development of watersheds, agroforestry, waste management and sanitation.

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  • Develop partnerships with other institutions (educational institutions, foundations, associations, NGOs, governments, among others)

Duration :

The organization has an unlimited duration.

Members of the organization:

FEDEV is made up of different categories of members:


The founding members are members who actively participate in the creation of the organization. They have a right of reserve with regard to the orientation of FEDEV's actions while respecting the vision and the main mission of the organization. They are members of the board of directors and have the right to vote at the general meeting.

Adherent Members :

Those who have completed and signed the membership form are members who are up to date in their annual subscription. They have the right to vote at the General Assembly.

Active Members:

Members who participate fully in the life and development of the organization become active members, with the advice of the board of directors. They have the right to vote at the General Assembly.

Honorary Members :

Honorary members are those who have rendered significant services to the organization. By decision of the board of directors, they are exempt from contributions, but do not have the right to vote at the General Assembly.

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To be part of the organization, it is necessary to adhere to these statutes, to the internal regulations and to pay the membership fee, the amount of which is set by the board of directors and approved by the general assembly. Any membership must be approved by the board of directors of FEDEV. The organization can refuse memberships, with a reasoned opinion to the interested parties.

Let's work together !

1882 Edgar Prairie Street

Montreal, Quebec H1A 5C5, Canada

Tel: (438) 497-1478 or (514) 326-7169

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