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  • Educational support (training, conferences, seminars and others) for primary and secondary teachers

  • Educational support for young people and adults in a disadvantaged situation or living with a physical or intellectual handicap.

  • Educational, technical and logistical support to educational institutions (schools and universities)

  • Vocational training for young people and adults in disadvantaged situations

  • Professional mentoring (exchanges between students and professionals)

  • International cooperation (exchanges between foreign students and Haitian students at all levels)



  • Establishment of nurseries

  • Reforestation / reforestation

  • Development of watersheds through agroforestry, soil conservation

  • Sanitation and drinking water supply

  • Education and awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development

  • Development of public transport and ecotransport

  • Waste management and green energy development



  • Support for business creation

  • Promotion of decentralized cooperation

  • Entrepreneurship training for young people and adults

  • Financial support for small businesses

  • Support for cooperatives working in the production and marketing of agricultural products

L'équipe de recherche

Let's work together !

Create a progressive community where citizens collaborate constructively to implement new ideas that will improve our quality of life while respecting the nature that surrounds us.

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